Bell Schedule

2017-2018 Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule      Wednesday Bell Schedule   
1st period  8:00-8:45   Professional Learning Community 7:45-8:45 
2nd period 8:49-9:34   1st period 8:49-9:32
3rd period 9:38-10:23   2nd period 9:36-10:17
4th STAT 10:27-11:02   3rd period 10:21-11:04
5th period  11:06-11:51   5th period 11:08-11:51
6th period (B) 11:55-12:40   Regular Schedule Remainder of Day  
"A" Lunch 11:51-12:21      
6th period (A) 12:25-1:10   Long Lunch Schedule  
"B" Lunch 12:40-1:10   1st period 8:00-8:45
7th period 1:14-1:59   2nd period 8:49-9:34
8th period 2:03-2:48   3rd period 9:38-10:23
9th period 2:52-3:37   5th period 10:27-11:12
      STAT 11:16-11:51
      Lunch 11:51-12:29
      6th period 12:33-1:16
      7th period 1:20-2:03
      8th period 2:07-2:50
      9th period 2:54-3:37

***Wednesday morning, students will report to school at 8:45 am.  This time will allow teachers to meet in their Professional Learning Communities to plan, collaborate, and assess data to better serve our students.

***For students who must ride the bus or be dropped off at our regular time, there will be monitors during that meeting time for teachers.  Students will report to the cafeteria.